We’re A Personalized Fitness Training Center

We’re not a typical gym where people just come in to exercise, use the machines, do a bunch of common routines and then leave.


At A1 Fitness Studio we create a personalized plan for you, that will help meet your fitness goals within a specific time-frame according to your objectives. Whether you are just starting out, preparing for an event or a professional athlete, our experienced trainers stand by your side to help you succeed.


Hi! I’m Richard, owner of A1 Fitness Studio and a professional trainer with decades of experience in fitness training, weight lifting, body building, hypertrophy, martial arts and everything else in between. My aim is to help people meet their fitness objectives by making a solid customized plan, executing it, pushing people to their limits, “torturing” them and sometimes making them scream. This is the best part of my job! Why? Because I love seeing the change in people when they realize and unlock their true potential. I love how it changes people’s lives forever. I love it. I love it. I love it…!


So bring it on! Let’s get started together and begin unlocking your potential so I can help you be the best version of yourself! Make your goal to Train Like A Beast And Look Like A Beauty. Just click the link below.


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